• Sean Goodnight

  • About Sean Goodnight

    Sean Goodnight is a proud husband and father and a firm believer in family values. Born and raised in Colorado, he graduated from Englewood High School and went to the University of Northern Colorado. Soon after that, he married the love of his life and started a family. The Goodnights are very active and supportive of their daughter’s softball team, so you can often find them at the ballpark. Sean believes that sports can help shape a person’s life, so he feels privileged to have coached his daughter’s softball team.


    Honor, integrity, and loyalty are the core values Mr. Goodnight has chosen to live by and strives to nurture and instill these values both in his professional and personal life. He understands that his clients rely on him to be able to make the best choices for themselves and their families. Hence, he takes this responsibility very seriously. His expertise and trustworthiness are his main attributes.


    Sean Goodnight’s definition of success includes two aspects – family and professional life. He aims to provide security to his family and the clients that depend on him. He does that by consistently making sound choices and building relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect.

  • Remembering Kendrick Castillo


    On May 7, 2019, Kendrick Castillo and several of his classmates tackled the gunman who walked into their English class at the STEM School of Highlands Ranch, wounding eight.


    Kendrick was the sole fatality resulting from the incident, sacrificing his own life to save his peers.


    Thank you, Kendrick, for your bravery and heroic actions during the attack at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

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