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Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales

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When thinking of potential careers, many people do not consider sales as an option. There are numerous reasons why you should consider becoming a sales representative. In this article, Sean Goodnight shares why he believes that a career as a professional salesperson is often overlooked and uncovers some of this career path’s unique benefits.

One key reason a career as a professional salesperson is often overlooked is that the moniker “salesperson” is not nearly descriptive enough. It is too broad. Salesperson or sales representative describes the young person operating the cell phone kiosk at the mall and the high-end commercial real estate broker pulling down well into the seven-figures. This lack of an accurate description of the salesperson role prevents career seekers from identifying it as the hidden jewel that it is.

In the early stages of choosing a life’s career, the social status of such fields as medicine, technology, engineering, or the law often weighs heavily in the decision-making process. Few young people have the life experience to know that salespeople play a crucial role in bringing in the business within each of those fields.

There are many good reasons to consider a career as a professional salesperson in whatever field interests you. Here are the top three.

Freedom and autonomy.

Salespeople are generally given the freedom to structure their workday in a way that would help them achieve the best results. Most sales jobs have at least some form of commission-based incentive. This means the harder they work or, the more success they achieve, the more they are paid. Sure, there are key performance indicators to be met, and sales forecast reports to be completed, but good sales managers stay out of the way and let their people find their own path to success.

Exceptional income.

Because sales occupations cover such a wide variety of jobs, from cashiers to aircraft sales reps, it is difficult to determine an annual average income for the entire group. One common sales area for college graduates to enter is that of a sales engineer selling complex scientific or technical products or services. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual income for this group is $103,900. It is not uncommon for salespeople to be among the highest-paid employees at any company.

Job satisfaction.

More than other professions, salespeople love what they do. Who wouldn’t? They help people. Salespeople are simply problem solvers. Their clients have a need, and their company provides a product or service that fills that need. Their job is to help the two parties come to an agreement that benefits both sides. Obviously, not all salespeople love their jobs, but many do. In fact, if you don’t love your career in sales, you’ll likely not last long in that role.

About Sean Goodnight
Sean Goodnight is a proud husband and father and a firm believer in family values. Born and raised in Colorado, he graduated from Englewood High School and went to the University of Northern Colorado. Sean Goodnight’s definition of success includes two aspects – family and professional life. He aims to provide security to his family and the clients that depend on him. He does that by consistently making sound choices and building relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect.